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Cafe Noor Takeaway

Call & Collect or Home Delivery

Enjoy a taste of the East at home with a delicious, hot takeaway from Cafe Noor.
Our aim is to offer the same high quality food to eat out as we do in our restaurant.
Cafe Noor's Takeaway Menu offers something for everyone: there is a large selection of both Indian and Western Dishes to choose from, as well as a wide variety of Vegetarian Options. In fact all of our curries are available with vegetables instead of meat, just ask!

Also available for carry out or delivery is Cafe Noor's special Tandoori Salmon as well as a range of delectable fish dishes made from fresh, Scottish fish.

Please don't forget to let us know about any allergies or special requirements
before ordering.

Everything is made from fresh and with no colours or preservatives.

Takeaway Menu


Vegetable Pakora£2.95
Mushroom Pakora£3.25
Cauliflower Pakora£3.25
Fish Pakora£4.95
Chicken Pakora (Breast)£4.55
Mixed Pakora£4.55
Onion Bhaji (Rings)£3.55
Egg Pakora£3.95
Lamb Pakora£5.95
Paneer Pakora£5.95
Aubergine Pakora£4.95


Mushroom Puri£3.95
Garlic Mushroom Puri£3.95
Prawn Puri£4.25
Channa Puri£3.95
King Prawn Puri£6.95
Chicken Puri£3.95
Mince Samosa£2.90
Vegetable Samosa£2.75
Channa Samosa£3.00
Channa Chaat£2.95
Prawn Cocktail£4.50
Soup of the Day£2.00
Fried Mushrooms£2.50
Spiced Mushrooms£3.00
Garlic Mushrooms£3.95
Aloo Tikka Channa£3.95
Potato Patties served with Spicy Chick Peas
Garnished with Tamarind & Coriander Chutney
Spiced Bombay Mix & Puffed Rice served with
Spicy Tamarind & Coriander Chutney.
Garnished with Pulses & Fresh Herbs
2 Poppadoms & Spiced Onions£2.00
2 Poppadoms & Mango Chutney£2.00
Chef's Platter Serves Two£11.50

Tandoori Starters

Traditional Charcoal Clay Oven Recipes.

Chicken Tikka£4.50
Lamb Tikka£4.95
Seekh Kebab£4.00
Tandoori Chicken quarter£4.50
Chicken Chaat£3.95
Tandoori Salmon£3.95
Mixed Tandoori Platter£12.50

Tandoori Sizzlers

Served with Rice, Curry Sauce and Salad.
Made to Our Own Charcoal-Fired Clay Oven Recipes.

Mixed Grill Special£12.95
Tender Pieces of Succulent Chicken, Lamb,
Seekh Kebab and King Prawn
King Prawn£11.90
Shish Kebab Turkish£10.95
Egyptian Kebab£10.95
Chicken Tikka£10.95
Lamb Tikka£10.95
Tandoori Chicken£10.95
Mix Tikka£10.95
Salmon Tandoori£10.95

Cafe Noor Chef's Specialities

Available in:

King Prawn£11.95

Tikka Nentara
Medium. Marinated in a Special Sauce and Cooked Slowly with Fresh Herbs and Spices
Tikka Jaipuri
Medium. Cooked Slowly with Special Herbs, Mushrooms, Onions and Green Peppers
Tikka Punjabi Masala
Medium. Cooked with Capsicums and Extra Spices
Tikka Tandoori Masala
Medium. Cooked with a Tandoori Spiced Marinade
Tikka Garlic Masala
Medium. Cooked in a Medium Sauce with Garlic
Tikka Chilli Masaledar
Hot. Blended into a Tangy Sauce with Green Chillies to Desired Strength
Tikka Nishilee Masala
Medium. Cooked in a Rum Sauce £1.00 extra
Tikka Parsee Fish and Prawns
Hot. Fresh Fish Cooked with Prawns, Lentils and Crushed Chillies in a Tangy Sauce
Tikka Achari
Medium. Cooked with Mixed Pickle and Herbs. Slightly Hot & Spicy
Tikka Garam Masala
Medium. Cooked in a Blend of Warm Spices Making an Excellent Dish of Medium to Hot Strength
Tikka Chilli Masala
Hot. Cooked in a Hot Green Chilli Sauce. Almost a Madras in itself
Spicy Chicken & Prawns
Hot. Prepared in a Spicy Sauce and cooked with Fresh Prawns
Tikka Mehbooba
Medium. Cooked with a Touch of Honey and Sweetcorn
Tikka Makhani Masala
Mild. Cooked in a Mild Sauce. Prepared with Fresh Cream, Tomatoes, Ground Cashew Nuts and Coconut
Tikka Kandhari
Mild. Cooked in a Rich Red Spicy Sauce with Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Fresh Ginger and Garlic
Tikka Stara
Medium. Cooked with Mince in a Medium Sauce
South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken
Hot. A Hot Dish from South India Prepared with Green Chilles, Ground Kali Mirch and a Hint of Coconut
Butter Tikka Masala
Medium. Cooked in a Butter Masala Sauce with Tomatoes, Herbs, Garlic and Ginger
Tikka Salsa
Mild. The Blend between India and Mexico in a Slightly Hot Sauce
Tikka Jallandhari
Medium. Cooked with Lentils in a Hot and Tangy Sauce
Tikka Masaledar
Medium. Cooked in Tangy Sauce
Tikka Banjara
Medium. Pieces of Chicken Tikka Prepared with Onions, Bay Leaves, Cinnamon Sticks, Fresh Coriander and a Touch of Yoghurt
Tikka Parsee Masala
Hot. Cooked in a slightly Spicy Tangy Sauce with a Little Daal and Hot Spices. Can be altered to suit a slightly hotter palate
Tikka Kashmiri Masala
Mild. Cooked with Fresh Cream, Fruit and Light Spice giving a Distinctive, Rich, Creamy Sauc. With Pineapples
Tikka Chasni
Mild. Cooked in a Sweet & Sour Creamy Sauce
Tikka Masala
Mild. Cooked in a Rich, Creamy Sauce with Ground Cashew Nuts, Almonds and Capsicums
Tikka Pasanda
Mild. Cooked in a Mild Sauce of Fresh Cream, Ground Cashew Nuts and Sultanas
Tikka Zalfrezi
Mild. Prepared in Mild Spices, Fresh Cream, Ground Cashew Nuts and Sultanas
Tikka Pardesi
Medium. A Rich Curry with Additional Fried Onions and Mushrooms with a Touch of Spinach, Garlic and Ginger
Tikka Mazedar
Medium. Cooked with Onions, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Green Chillies and Herbs. Topped with Cheese £2.00 extra
Tikka Shakuti
Medium. Cooked with Fresh Coconut Cream, Tamarind and Garnished with Tomatoes
Tikka Goanese
Medium. Traditional Tikka Dish from the West Coast of India. Cooked with Whole Spices
(Cloves, Black Peppers, Cardomon & Chillies)
Chicken Minced Kofta
Medium. Spicy Chicken Mince Meatballs cooked with Fresh Herbs in a Traditional Curry Sauce

Salmon Dishes

Salmon Goanese£9.95
Medium. Cooked with Whole Spices (Cloves, Black Peppers, Cardomon, Cinnamon & Chillies)
Salmon Chilli Masala£9.95
Hot. Prepared in a Spicy Sauce and cooked with Fresh Prawns
Salmon South Indian£9.95
Hot. A Hot Dish from South India prepared with Green Chillies, Ground Kali Mirch and a hint of Coconut
Salmon Jaipuri£9.95
Medium. Cooked Slowly with Special Herbs including Mushrooms, Onions and Green Peppers
Salmon Tandoori Masala£9.95
Medium. Cooked with Tandoori Spiced Marinade
Salmon Achari£9.95
Medium. Cooked with Mixed Pickle and Herbs. Slightly Hot & Spicy
Salmon Chasni£9.95
Mild. Cooked in a Sweet & Sour Creamy Sauce
Salmon Korma£9.95
Mild. Cooked in Very Mild and Creamy Sauce

Special Karahi Bhoonas

Medium. Special Curries with Green Peppers,
Onions & Warm Spices

King Prawn£11.50
Chicken Tikka Bhoona£7.85
Lamb Tikka Bhoona£7.95

Balti House Dishes

Medium. Popular Tangy & Spicy Curries
with Pickled Spice Sauce

Chicken Tikka£7.85
King Prawn£11.50
Lamb Tikka£7.95


Cooked with Rice.
Served with Curry Sauce or Mint Sauce.

Cafe Noor Biryani£10.00
Cooked with Lamb, Chicken, Prawns & Peas
King Prawn£11.50
Chicken Tikka£8.95

Traditional Mild & Creamy Kormas

Available in:

King Prawn£11.50
Chicken Tikka£7.85

Mild Sauce with Fresh Cream
Gujerati Korma
£1.00 extra. Ground Chick Peas incorporated with Yoghurt, Fresh Cream and Lemon Juice
Red Fort Korma
£1.00 extra. Cooked with Fresh Cream, Red Wine and Cherries
Kashmiri Korma
£1.00 extra. Mild Korma with Mango or Pineapple
Ceylonese Korma
£1.00 extra. Mildest Sauce with Coconut and Fresh Cream
Mughlai Korma
£1.00 extra. Korma from the height of Nepal - Very Mild, Smooth and Juicy Sauce with Egg Yolk
Mirchi Korma
£1.00 extra. Hot. Real Spicy & Hot Korma

Old Favourites

Lamb or Minceadd £0.50
Prawnsadd £1.00
King Prawnsadd £3.50

Chicken Bhoona£6.50
with Special Spices
Chicken Curry£6.00
Chicken Punjabi Masala£6.50
with Green Capsicums and Extra Spices
Chicken Patia (Sweet & Sour)£6.50
Chicken Dopiaza£6.50
with an Extra Helping of Onions
Chicken Dhansac£6.50
with Lentils
Chicken & Mushroom£6.50
Chicken & Prawn£7.00
Chicken & Vegetable£6.50
Chicken Special£6.50
Chicken Methi£6.50
Chicken Rogan Josh£6.50
Chicken & Mango£6.50
Chicken & Pineapple£6.50

Vegetable Dishes

Explore our Authentic and Traditional Selection
of Delicious Vegetable Dishes

Aubergines & Potato£6.50
Thick Gravy Sauce Cooked Slowly with Spices,
Spring Onions and Fresh Coriander
Paneer Chilli£7.90
Cooked with Chopped Green Chillies, Capsicum,
Onion & Tomatoes to Create a Really Spicy Curry
Mixed Indian Vegetable Curry£6.00
Okra, Aubergines, Capricums & Bulb Gourds
Mixed Vegetable Curry£6.00
Potatoes, Cauliflower & Green Peas
Bombay Aloo£6.00
Potatoes and Eggs
Cauliflower & Mushroom£6.00
Cauliflower & Potato£6.00
Spinach & Potato£6.00
Jeera Aloo£5.50
Potatoes Cooked Slowly with Cumin & Coriander
Spinach & Paneer£7.90
Palak Paneer
Turka Daal£5.50
Red Lentils Garnished with Tomatoes & Onions
Shahi Paneer£7.90
Indian Paneer Cooked in Curry Gravy with
Aromatic Spices and Cashew & Almond Powder
Daal Makhni£7.90
Traditional Lentils with Kidney Beans.
A Really Creamy Daal.
Saag & Paneer£7.90
Spinach, Mustard & Fenugreek Lenos
Gobi Masala£7.90
Cauliflower Masala Cooked in a Rich Curry Sauce
with Tomatoes & a Hint of Mint
Bengali Dum Aloo£7.90
Potatoes Cooked in a Creamy & Rich
Sauce with Cashew Powder
Beans & Potato£6.00
Green Beans & Potatoes in a Thick Curry Sauce
Kofta Curry£7.90
Minced Veg (Potatoes, Cauliflower, Peas & Carrots)
Rolled into Balls & Cooked with Spices in a
Thick Curry Sauce
Bhendi Masala£6.00
Cooked with Ginger & Garlic and a
Touch of Garam Masala
Mutter Paneer£7.90
Cooked in a Curry Sauce with Fresh
Crushed Black Pepper and Herbs & Spices
Tomato Makhni Paneer£7.90
Tomatoes Cooked in a Rich Cashew, Almond
& Coconut Cream Sauce
Chana Punjabi Masala£7.00
Chick Peas Cooked with Bay Leaves &
Capsicums in a Slightly Hotter Curry Sauce

'On The Bone' Curries

Traditional Curries with Meat Cooked & Served On The Bone

2 Drumsticks & a Thigh Piece
6 Lamb Chops
Mince & Peas£8.00

Something Different

Chicken Bombay£7.50
Cooked with Eggs & Potato
Frontier Chicken Curry£7.50
Cooked with a Hint of Spinach & Methi
Gujerati Chicken Curry£7.50
Cooked with Ground Chick Peas
Chicken Mirch Masala£7.50
Cooked with Green Chillies & Capsicums

Western Selection

All Served with Fries & Salad

Sirloin Steak 10oz£12.00
Fried Scampi£6.90
Chicken Maryland£6.90
Fried Chicken Breast in Breadcrumbs£6.50
Plain Omelette£6.00
Prawn Omelette£7.00
Chicken Omelette£7.00
Spanish Omelette£7.50
Chicken Salad£6.50
Prawn Salad£7.00
Breaded Fillet of Fish£5.50

Rice Selection

Cafe Noor Only Uses Premium Basmati Rice

Fried Rice£2.10
Boiled Rice£2.00
Peas Pilau£2.30
Supreme Fried Rice£3.00
Peas, Mushrooms & Onion
Mushroom Fried Rice£2.50
Egg Fried Rice£2.80
Navrattan Pilau£4.00
Rice Cooked with Cashews, Almonds, Sultanas
and Spring Onions
South Indian Lemon Rice£4.00
Cooked with Turmeric, Lime, Mustard Seeds,
Curry Leaves & Green Chillies


Plain Yoghurt£1.50
Pakora Sauce£1.00
Special Onion Salad£2.00
Spiced Onions£1.00
Mixed Pickle£1.00
Sweet Mango Chutney£1.00
Coriander Chutney£1.00


Fired Over Charcoal in an Authentic Clay Oven

Plain Nan£2.10
Special Nan£2.80
Mince Nan£3.00
Garlic Nan£2.80
Chilli & Coriander Nan£2.80
Chilli & Mint Nan£2.80
Rogni Nan£2.80
Vegetable Nan£2.80
Peshwari Nan£2.80
Cheese Nan£2.80
Plain Paratha£2.50
Mince Paratha£2.80
Garlic Paratha£2.80
Vegetable Paratha£2.80
Garlic Chapatti£1.10
Butter Chapatti£1.10
Tandoori Roti£1.00

Set Meal for One

Vegetable Pakora£8.90
Poppadom & Spiced Onions
1 Old Time Favourite Dish or Korma Dish
Excluding Tikka, Salmon & King Prawn Dishes
Plain Nan Bread or Fried Rice

Set Meal for Two (A)

Vegetable Pakora£17.90
2 Poppadoms & Spiced Onions
2 Old Time Favourite Dishes or Korma Dishes
Excluding Tikka, Salmon & King Prawn Dishes
Plain Nan Bread
Fried Rice

Set Meal for Two (B)

Mixed Pakora£21.90
2 Poppadoms & Spiced Onions
Any 2 Main Course Dishes from the Menu
King Prawn & Salmon Dishes
£3.00 extra per dish
Mixed Grill
£3.50 extra per dish
Plain Nan Bread
Fried Rice

Set Meal for Three

Mixed Pakora£31.50
3 Poppadoms & Spiced Onions
Any 3 Main Course Dishes from the Menu
King Prawn & Salmon Dishes
£3.00 extra per dish
Mixed Grill
£3.50 extra per dish
Plain Nan Breads
2 Portions of Rice (Fried or Boiled)

Set Meal for Four

Mixed Pakora£41.90
Chicken Chaat
4 Poppadoms & Spiced Onions
Any 4 Main Course Dishes from the Menu
King Prawn & Salmon Dishes
£3.00 extra per dish
Mixed Grill
£3.50 extra per dish
2 Plain Nan Breads
2 Portions of Rice (Fried or Boiled)

Dietary Information

It is essential that the staff at Cafe Noor are informed of any food allergies or special dietary requirements BEFORE ordering your meal. Our food may contain nuts, seeds, various types of flour including wheat, pepper, seafood, eggs, and dairy etc. Cafe Noor does not use any colours, preservatives or ghee.

Call & Collect Any Time

Save time by phoning in your order before
you come to pick it up.

Cafe Noor is open every day of the week
from noon right through until midnight
(1am on Friday & Saturday)

Delivery Hours

Home Deliveries available 7 days a week
from 5pm


49 Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands, G41 3YN
near to the Granary Bar at Shawlands Cross.

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